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Club Values

Our Vision
To be the premier private golf and country club of Western Wisconsin, providing a variety of exceptional sporting amenities and top-tier dining and member experiences

Our Mission
To create a welcoming and enriching environment with a detailed focus on providing exceptional facilities and service for current and future generations.

Our Club Values

: The Club is fully committed to delivering quality, consistency, and value. Attention to detail and a focus on operational excellence are fundamental drivers of the private golf and country club experience.

Equitability: We are committed to fairness and inclusivity in all aspects of club life. We ensure equitable opportunities for all members to enjoy the facilities, amenities, and experiences we offer, while fostering an environment where diversity is celebrated, and everyone feels valued and respected.

Community: The Club seeks to foster a strong sense of community amongst its members, creating a welcoming environment built on mutual respect. The Club is a place where individuals and families can come together to share their love of sport, leisure activities, and social engagements.

Integrity: We uphold integrity in all actions taken at every level of the Club. By placing a priority on honesty, transparency, ethical conduct, and communication, the Club's commitment to integrity extends to every action taken by the Board, management, staff, and the membership.